First Transcendental Meditation teacher in Slovakia

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8. 5. 2022

Who is organising the campaign?

My name is Oksana, I am 26 years old, studying toward my PhD in Medicine. My journey with transcendental meditation started at age 12. TM has been an important daily practice for me, as I found refuge and peace in meditation especially after the challenge of leaving my home in the Ukraine at age 17. Now I live in Slovakia, and while I am thousands of kilometers away from my family, TM has given me nurture and support despite the distance from my loved ones. 

Intent on enjoying collective consciousness and coherence when practicing meditation in a group I set about searching for TM teachers, meditators and Sidhas in Slovakia, only to find – quite surprisingly – that there are none at all. With this in mind, it became clear that there is an enormous need to buildout the transcendental meditation practice and community in Slovakia. 

I was deeply moved in my TM Sidhis course, which provided the catalyst, motivation and inspiration for me to commit to becoming a TM teacher. The experience of practicing TM and the Sidhis as well as the purity and simplicity of the knowledge of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi have given me great joy.

For me sharing this practice and wisdom with the world is my greatest dream. 

How it will be beneficial?

The opportunity to participate in teacher training will be personally rewarding and will give me the knowledge and tools to set to work with my ambition of expanding the transcendental meditation movement in Slovakia, so that this magnificent tradition finds a foothold in the country, paving the road for Slovakian meditators, Sidhas and teachers of the future. 

Additionally, with my academic background in sciences it would be thrilling to conduct scientific research on the numerous benefits of transcendental meditation, allowing those that appreciate science to receive these compelling scientific research findings. My direct expertise in epigenetical research provide the basis for further research I wish to undertake that focuses on how meditation influences our genes expression and biomolecular changes. 

What exactly will the money be used for?

I would love to become a TM teacher and I need your financial support.

Please in order for this dream to become my reality so that I may commit to my life work of teaching TM and creating greater coherence in a country that will celebrate the wealth of benefits TM provides at a time when there are no teachers nor meditators in Slovakia.

Thank you for the generosity of your spirit in providing this financial contribution. 

The fund will be used for paying: 

Transcendental Meditation Teachers training course – $19 500 (approx. 18 500 EUR) including tuition and full room and board for the length of the course (5 months). 

round trip from Bratislava, (Slovakia)  to Rajapark College Training Center, (Thailand) where the course will take place, and health insurance – approx. 1 500 EUR 

Any amount of support will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you <3

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Darca, ktorý je za každú dobrost
1 500 €  •  8. 5. 2022 21:58

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Darca, ktorý je za každú dobrost
1 500 €  •  8. 5. 2022 21:58

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